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The power of freelance development is still unknown somehow to people. Every new(or old) business seeks for best design agency that would help them get their online presence settled.

But guess what? there are issues, like most agencies have a limited framework on which they build client's website, which means they all end up looking same, sort of.

Other problem is, of course: Hidden Costs. They build you something and charge extra for something else you were not expecting (or needing) to begin with.

Agencies, although manages to complete tasks on time, but most of the time you (client) needs to settle for what they present you in the end (Production < Mock-up)

Web Hokage, uses a formula created with blood, sweat and lot of clean javascript that makes all the wonders with less fuss. With controlled budget, no hidden charges, everything planned from the start and nicely built Information architecture and data models, you can just forget all the trouble and focus on your business.

Web agencies often hires freelancers, or out-source their projects with other companies for “commission”. And freelancing websites might provide you with “cheap labour”, but quality assurance is usually never in check. Considering this, Web Hokage is straight-up client to freelancer solution. 

Learn more or browse through Web Hokage Projects.

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