Mastering Web Design – The Best Way

Mastering Web Design – The Best Way

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a web designer? Or needed to know the right way to master the creativity and gain a vision to craft and design beautiful things on the web? There’s way too much overwhelming information on the Internet. And to help you find the light, Web Hokage (RGT) is bringing a tutorial series on Mastering Web Design – The Best Way, absolutely free of cost on YouTube. These tutorials are hand animated and explained in Hindi.

Where to Start?

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What is a Markup?

A markup simply means formatting information to be displayed in a way or another to the user. There are various ways to present data, and we can do that with the help of a correct markup. HTML is a markup language.

HTML is not a programming language, and many people somehow believe it is, but HTML does not instruct the computer to perform specific functions, thus not a programming language. It does three tasks:

  1. Structuring the Data
  2. “Styling” the data
  3. Metadata

Structuring the data means it differentiates something from another thing and helps the browser (chrome, firefox etc) to display something.

Styling means changing the visible attributes of some information (HTML does that with CSS).

Metadata means information about the HTML document, like how a browser should render the page, or who created the page and so on.

When we follow all these steps correctly, we create a good design and then a good UI.

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If you rather learn – Mastering Web Design through reading, post me a message or comment and I’ll consider writing the entire tutorial through readable articles.

I hope everything turns out great for you.

Have a Nice Day!

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Is iPhone worth buying? Read this (2018)

Is iPhone worth buying?

I have been an apple user since a good amount of time. I started off with a MacBook Pro for my development purposes. Yes, it’s was expensive but I wanted the best. So I spent a lot of money and Got this laptop. Mac is fast, there is no denying that.

A year later, I purchased my first iPhone, completing the first step to obtain an apple ecosystem. If you ask me: yes, it’s great and amazing. Apple indeed is something.

But at what cost.

So is it?

People around me see me as a tech-guy because of my educational background in computer science, but other than development, I don’t understand much of IT.

I mean, I’ve never noticed a difference between a 2GB Rammed Android phone with another of 3GB Ram. Yes, internal storage was an issue but thanks to Google and Marshmallow Android OS, you can use an external memory card to store everything including apps in your little android minx.

Yes, every tech expert says ios and Apple OS combines amazingly both hardware and software technology for an astounding user experience. But another day, I was browsing through my brother’s Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and I was like, why…

Why am I using iPhone?

Apple is way too costly and unless you’re into showing off your broken screen device (as you cannot probably afford a 22,000 repair every-time there is a scratch on it), it is way too redundant.

I bought my second iPhone soon later, used it for almost 4 months before my earbuds stopped responding from left piece leaving the right piece with a meaningless life.

I knew it in my heart that apple care would not replace it, bought a Bluetooth headpiece (BoAt) and visited the only premium apple care center in the 9th ranked biggest metropolitan city in this world, New Delhi. And, too much to my surprise, they did not even have a good look at my earbuds before denying my replacement order.

I’ve heard the tales of good services Apple offers to its kidney-less clients but I think all those services died with Steve Jobs in 2011.

So, if you have lots of money you would like to burn, I’d suggest buy an apple device. Because for 60k you can get an iWatch. Because, Time.

How advanced are we, when we talk about technology.

A few days ago, I was cleaning my hard-drive and found old Gameboy games sitting in a corner. I started playing Super Mario Bros and Yoshi’s adventures for hours. It was a good time playing some old school games on my techy MacBook .

Suddenly I realized, I used to struggle a lot to play emulator games on my computer. Slow rendering speed, lots of lags and availability of games. But it was 2010.

7 years have passed by and almost everything has changed.

Changes in technology

But how much things have evolved?

There was a time when people were so afraid of machines that almost every government shutdown projects on Artificial Intelligence. But now almost every tech giant is developing on AI one way or another.

There is an AI that taught itself to walk.


The World is still facing some serious issues like poverty, shortage of resources and education and employment, global warming and so on. But this aspect of reality is almost invisible to the almost entire population. And, why not? Why would we care about something in development?

We need the end product. I mean how this video of an animated AI is helpful. I’d rather watch the trailer of Sony PlayStation VR.

The Truth

Yes, it is not important to stay updated with technology that still is not on the market yet. But if you’re aware of what is coming, you’ll stay prepared and take the best out of it (if it does).

Technology is supposed to help with issues we’re facing and it is doing its job well. Better than human beings to be honest.

You made life so better, oy’ Technology

Perhaps, far beyond human’s Appreciation

Yes, technology has its harms but with this dying world, it is our only hope besides mercy of the God. Consider the exponential rise in population. Asia soon would become a network of congested people (which already is to some extent). With good technology, we can build buildings higher than the sky, safer even in the deadliest of the natural disaster like the earthquake. Now, consider the asteroid shower and interstellar randomness, we could all die any second. Consider the pollution. Consider the corruption and its consequential human extinction.

We ultimately had to leave earth at some point in future to sustain human race, and that’s only possible with one tool to mankind: Technology. I’ll produce videos and useful articles on the “actual” and feasible technology and everything you need to know.

Technology is fire, it keeps you warm but fiddle wrongly, and you shall burn.

For now, be safe with your toaster.

How to play console games on PC or Android.

Do you like playing Gameboy games like Pokemon Fire Red or Emerald Green or some PlayStation 2/3 games like Assasin’s Creed or WWE Smackdown? Do you want to know, how to play console games on your PC or Android.

Well, this is a guide you need to read, 5 minutes for hours of fun every day?

Note: I do not promote playing console games on PC illegally using emulators, this guide is for educational purpose only.

What would you need

  1. Emulator of the console, you need to simulate. There’s a website called “Emulator Zone”, just google it or click here.
  2. You need a Rom for the game you wish to play. There’s website where you can download roms for free and there are thousands of them! (Rom is just a fancy word for game, noobs). Download Roms here.
  3. A PC or an Android phone.


How to play the game?

Just download the emulator and open it. Set your controller if needs to be. And load from the menu and it is done. Some emulators are hard to setup (like PSP and PS3).

These emulators were initially developed to test the games but there are now used by geeks all over the world.

You can also search for emulators you like on Android’s Play Store. But in my experience, playing on PC is much smoother. But you can enjoy some lightweight games on your portable device.

Read how advanced are we when we talk about technology.

My personal favorite emulator is Gameboy Advance which is absolutely free to download and there are hundred of roms available for you to play. Some emulators like PSX (PlayStation Emulator) needs bios to run. You need to own a console for that. But of course, since it is downloadable, you can get a bios for free online (I am not suggesting you that) and load that bios like you would do to a rom.

Hope this blog helped you if you’re new to gaming.